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Protein Pancakes

Who doesn’t love pancakes?!!? I was recently driving past a local diner and saw a sign that said, “Say No to Hate – Say Yes to Pancakes”.  If you ask me, those are words to live by! When done right, they’re fluffy delicious little bites of clouds in your mouth… You really can’t be in a bad mood when eating homemade pancakes!

I knew when I was starting my bariatric journey that I’d have to learn new versions of the recipes I love.  The whole idea of eating smaller portions of the foods I became overweight on just never sat right with me.  I want to learn how to alter and edit my longtime favs so I can still enjoy what I’m eating while not breaking the caloric bank.


Last weekend I discovered these simple to make, 3 ingredient, protein pancakes! Um…. can we say game changer?!?  They really hit the spot, have over 20 grams of protein and are less than 200 cals per serving (yes, you read that right… insert googly eyed heart emoji here!).

Protein Pancakes

April 18, 2019
: 4
: Easy

An easy and sweet breakfast for the family!


  • Dry Ingredients
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder (or flavor of your choice)
  • 1oz light cream cheese
  • 1 egg
  • Optional “Fold Ins”
  • PB2, Fresh Fruit or Almond Butter
  • Step 1 1) Weigh out the light cream cheese into a small bowl and let soften (the softer it is, the easier to mix).
  • Step 2 2) Crack your egg into the bowl w/ cream cheese and beat together. Then mix in the protein powder until you get a “regular” pancake mix texture (try to beat out the clumping – sometimes I add a little water if its to thick).
  • Step 3 3) Heat up a pan or skillet with some oil spray or a little butter (I use coconut oil spray).
  • Step 4 4) Spoon pancake mix into the pan (I like to make them silver dollar sized).
  • Step 5 5) Let the pancake cook until you see bubbles forming on the top. If the bubbles pop right away and are filled with surrounding batter, it’s too early to flip the pancake. Wait until the bubbles pop and the holes remain.
  • Step 6 6) Flip with a spatula in one swift motion and let the pancake cook on its second side for about a minute. Don’t overcook – they cook fast!
  • Step 7 You can add some almond butter, honey or sugar ontop if you’d like. I usually eat them plain but go wild! You could even use put some fruit and light cool whip ontop if you want to get real fancy.
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